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-About Us-

AC Distributors

AC Distributors has been a Canadian owned and operated wholesale health product distributor in Richmond, BC for more than 40 years, and is now one of Western Canada’s leading distributors of unique, natural, organic and specialty products.

Who we are

WE VALUE SIMPLICITY in life & business. AC Distributors has been supporting local & Canadian suppliers since 1980! The company has only ever had two owners who have been committed to quality, and service. All Canadian Owned & Operated.

All of your orders supports jobs for Canadians!

WE VALUE THE ENVIRONMENT and our warehouse uses biodegradable packing peanuts, you can just run them under water to see them melt! We recycle boxes and paper & our catalogue & forms are available digitally.


WE VALUE WOMEN As a Woman owned Wholesale Distribution Company you are supporting change to inspire a future for young women everywhere to reach for the stars!

WE VALUE FEEDBACK and welcome any ideas you may have on ways for AC Distributors to do better. If you have product lines you would like us to carry or suggestions to improve our service we are only an email or phone call away.

We are committed to providing the highest level of service

With our personal commitment to

one-on-one friendly, knowledgeable and responsive customer service we offer optimal health and wellness solutions to help achieve positive, healthy and balanced lives.

Latest News! 

We think  it is more important than ever to support Canadian lines we carry to bring you even more fantastic products! 

Looks for new products from some of your favorite Canadian owned and operated brands such as Lavigne Skincare, The Future is Bamboo, Celebration Herbals, Colour Energy and many more! 

We have also brought on a new Canadian brand Louianna. Louianna Oil of Wild Oregano is prefect for natural immune support, especially during times of stress and seasonal change. Consider it your first line of defense against various health aliments. Louianna's Oil of Wild Oregano contains the Turkish variety (Origanum Minutiflorum), considered to be the highest quality oregano in the world due to its superior healing properties. 

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