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Tea & More

M21 Luxury Tea- Canadian Breakfast Tea.w

M21 Luxury Tea- Canadian Breakfas

Bold proud all day Canada flavor. Motto: ‘They always get their tea’.

M21 Luxury Tea- Relax Tea.webp

M21 Luxury Tea- Relax Luxury Tea

Soothing and calming northern herbs with raspberry and lemon.

M21 Luxury Tea- Skin & Beauty.webp

M21 Luxury tea- Skin and Beauty Luxury tea

Rejuvenate skin to a healthy glow. A fresh air blend of herbs.

Spry Peppermint Gum 100 pc.jpg

Spry Peppermint Gum 100 pc

  • Natural peppermint flavor from peppermint oil offers a crisp blast of refreshing flavor and fresh breath

Spry Berry Blast Mints 240 pc.jpg

Spry Berry Blast Mints 240 pc

No need to feel guilty about enjoying these sweet mints that provide a blast of raspberry and blackberry in a tiny package. Spry dental mints are sugar-free and sweetened with 100% xylitol!

Spry Lemon Burst Mints 240 pc.jpg

Spry Lemon Burst Mints 240 pc

  • Natural lemon flavor offers a pleasantly tangy alternative to the mint flavors

Ginseng Royal Jelly 2000mg 30x102.jpg

Ginseng Royal Jelly 2000mg

Powerfully reinforce original qi, tonify zang-organ qi, promote the generation of body fluid to alleviate thirst, and induce-tranquilization mind and improve the intelligence, nourish blood

Red Tiger Balm - Extra Strength.webp

Red Tiger Balm - Extra Strength

 The herbal blend helps to relieve joint and muscle pain and soothe tired muscles.  It can be used during warm up before exercise or to ease soreness after working out. It’s also a favorite of arthritis sufferers.

White flower Oil (20 ml)2.jpg

White flower Oil (20 ml)

  • Provides relief from the stuffed-up feeling associated with catarrh, cold or influenza, relieves headache, temporarily relieves muscular pain

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